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First Responder & Customized Training Packages

The demand for skilled, well-trained first response and patrol boat operators has seen a steady increase over recent years. In order to meet this need, Confident Captain/Ocean Pros has designed the Tactical and First Responder Training courses to help agencies train personnel in order to be prepared for any situation at sea. At Confident Captain/Ocean Pros an agency can be trained as Customized Tactical and First Responders. The customized, hands-on programs are designed to help state, local, and federal agencies teach employees how to become effective First Responders.

The courses will take students, whether they are inexperienced boaters or seasoned mariners, and help them develop the skills necessary to effectively operate first response vessels engaged in security, firefighting, patrol, salvage, and other operations. The courses can also be customized to include US Coast Guard Captain’s License training and testing.

Confident Captain/Ocean Pros’ customizable programs are scalable in order to accommodate the needs of large and small agency demands and budgets. Each course is taught by a highly experienced training staff who come from a number of elite first response agencies including; US Coast Guard, state and federal law enforcement, fire departments, and private first response salvors. These highly trained instructors will administer the course at an agency’s own facility in order to optimize their staff’s training experience. Contact us for more information.