Royal Yachting Association Recreational Boating Courses

  • Confident Captain/Ocean Pros is the only facility in the Northeast US that offers the elite RYA courses.
  • Everything you need to begin or continue your learning is here, whether you are a recreational boater, a globetrotting professional, or at any level in between.
  • RYA qualifications are known and respected the world over. We work constantly to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. RYA training is forward thinking and designed for whatever level of skill, professionalism, and knowledge you want to achieve.
  • Our approach is fresh and up to date, our courses evolve as does the changing, dynamic world of boating. We offer both classroom and online courses.



5 Days

Must Liveaboard for this Certification

Competent Crew


5 days

Must Liveaboard for this course

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These courses are recreational courses offered by RYA.

For professional Yachtmaster certifications, see our RYA Yachtmaster Page.


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Online Certifications

Essential Navigation & Seamanship


4 hours

Online course to learn navigation and seamanship

Short Range (radio) Certificate


4 Hours

For anyone who owns a fixed or hand-held marine VHF radio