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STCW 10 – Basic Safety Courses

STCW - Basic Safety Courses

  • Confident Captain/Ocean Pros offers certification in all STCW-10 Basic Safety Courses.

STCW - Courses



40 Hours

Learn skills to begin your career with basic safety knowledge and experience

STCW-10 Refresher


24 Hours

Provides refresher and revalidation training to seafarers

What course is right for you?

If this is your first time working on a vessel requiring STCW-10 or you just want to learn the basic safety required for working and operating on a boat, our 5-day STCW course is right for you. You can also take one component of the STCW at a time, you can also sign up for just those portions of the course individually.

If you already have STCW-95 and you just need to renew your certification, you can take the refresher.

For Foriegn Flagged Vessels

These courses are approved by the USCG. Additionally, they are taught in accordance with STCW-10 Code A; VI/1-2 and provides a variety of practical and theoretical lessons fundamental to onboard safety.


Need help deciding on the right course?

Contact us at captain@confidentcaptain.com

Individual STCW Components

Basic Firefighting


16 hours

Part of STCW '10

First-Aid / CPR


8 Hours

Requirement for OUPV, Master's and STCW

Basic Sea Survival


12 hours

Part of STCW '10

Personal Safety Social Responsibility


4 Hours

Part of STCW '10

Proficiency in Survivalcraft



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