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The ocean is powerful and dangerous terrain. Your safety at work is never guaranteed, but your chances of getting home safe increase exponentially with the right training. Being well prepared for any situation can be the difference between a safe voyage or a deadly one. Our team of expert instructors will help you be well prepared and certified for any hazards that your career may present. Join us for a 5-day STCW Basic Safety Training course or the 3-day refresher and put the odds in your favor when it comes to onboard safety!

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Class Details

Professional Safety Training for Commercial Vessel and Yacht Crews

Confident Captain’s 5-day STCW-10 course covers firefighting, personal survival and safety, social responsibility, and First Aid/CPR. This course is instructed in compliance with STCW-10 Code A; VI/1-2 and provides a variety of practical and theoretical lessons fundamental to onboard safety. 

The STCW-10 course offers students a chance to practice safety skills in simulated environments, side by side with a team of accomplished instructors. This course bundle is followed by written exam(s), after the successful completion of which the participant will receive the following certifications:

  • Basic Sea Survival Certificate (STCW-10)
  • Fire Fighting Certificate (STCW-10)
  • First Aid Certificate (STCW-10)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (STCW-10)

Important notice - STCW Policy Changes - Firefighting Turnout Gear

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our training programs and make your experience here better and as safe as possible. In that spirit, we have made some changes to the way we run our STCW courses.

We will no longer provide fire gear for STCW courses. We have allowed students to use our fire gear for many years. That gear is aging out. Additionally, thanks to COVID-19 we are not 100% sure of the health impacts of loaner gear without full decontamination between uses.

Though we have the capacity to clean gear, we do not have the capacity to ensure complete decontamination of it. With these thoughts in mind, we have decided to switch to the rental gear model for the utmost in safety and cleanliness. You will be responsible for renting your own gear. We will help facilitate the gear rental when you arrive on the first day of the course. The gear will be shipped to us for you to use before the firefighting program starts. You will be responsible for packaging it and shipping it back. We will help with that as well but the ultimate responsibility will be yours. You will need a credit card to rent the gear.

We made this decision for two reasons:

First is safety. Rental gear is modern, regularly inspected, and repaired between each use. In short, your training experience will be safer with professional rented gear versus loaned gear.

Second is cleanliness. Rental gear goes through a rigorous cleaning process between each use. The rental company has better cleaning processes than we can provide.

Rental gear is approximately $300.00 to rent. We have reduced the price of our course $150.00 to help cover this cost. In essence, we have split the cost of the rental gear with you. Thank you for your understanding.

Course Outline 

1.5-day Personal Survival course module

  • The first half of the day will be spent in the classroom covering subjects such as emergency situations, evacuation, survival craft and rescue boats, personal life-saving appliances, survival at sea, emergency radio equipment and helicopter assistance
  • The remainder of the module is spent in a swimming pool performing a life raft inflation and inversion and the simulation of other abandon ship procedures
  • Both the theory and practice are followed by an exam

4-hours of Personal Safety & Social Responsibility

  • This module includes training in compliance with STCW-10 Code A; VI/1-2 on the various types of shipboard emergencies, principles of survival at sea and increasing your chance of survival

2-day Fire Prevention module

  • In compliance with STCW-10 Code A; VI/1-2, this part of the course covers shipboard fire fighting organization, the elements of fire and explosion, types of ignition, fire and smoke detection, breathing apparatus use and automatic alarm system familiarization
  • CC/OP trainees will fight and extinguish actual fires using personal equipment, appliances methods, and various agents The module includes a seminar and practical instruction taught by licensed and certified fire fighting professionals.
  • This section take 2 days to complete and is followed by a written exam

1-day First Aid and CPR course

  • Approximately 7 hours of theory and practical covering basic First Aid and CPR in marine situations
  • Through classroom lecture and use of an anatomical mannequin suitable for performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the student will demonstrate:
  • Basic life support (CPR) for an adult victim
  • Initial treatment for severe bleeding
  • Initial treatment for severe burns
  • Basic patient transport

In order to participate in the STCW-10 course the following criteria must be met:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Proficient in swimming
  • Be in reasonable physical health
  • Have a firm understanding of the English language

Course Dates:

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