Instructor Led – 36hrs with Capt. Ken

Our ‘Online Courses’ go hand-in-hand with this series of ‘Exam Prep’ tutoring sessions designed to prepare you for the USCG exam. Join one of our expert Captain Trainers over the course of twelve evenings (from 6-9 pm) to head into the exam at the top of your game. Bring your questions and get ready to study!

Jan 17 – Feb 11, 2022

M, W, F evenings 6-9 pm for a total of 36 hours

$ 995

($ 100 deposit)

Why this course:

Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Captain Ken will help you drill down on plotting best practices and the Rules of the Road. Learn to avoid common exam-taker mistakes and get your unique curriculum questions answered before you take the USCG Examination.

Captain Ken will tutor you over the course of four weeks using Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings (6-9 pm) to prepare you for the Master 25/25/100 Exam or the OUPV (6-Pack) examination. This Zoom-based tutoring leads up to the in person exam offered on 12 February, Saturday in Middletown, RI for those wishing to take it then.

This is not a substitute for your ‘Online Course,’ but is a supplementary opportunity for expert tutoring to prepare for the USCG Exam. Learn to steer away from exam pitfalls, gain USCG curriculum insights, and stock up on exam-taking tactics to get ready for test day.

This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered in real-time!

Please note, you must complete the entire Master or OUPV Online Course before sitting for your exam.


with Captain Ken Lannamann

How this course works:

This course will provide 36 hours of personalized instruction providing an opportunity for students to work directly with a Confident Captain trainer to clarify and more fully comprehend the topics covered in the online course. 

The ‘Exam Prep’ tutoring sessions will be tailored to resolve individual questions and strengthen mastery of the topics.  

 Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings between 1800 – 2100, January 17- Feb 11 2022. (Ken can work with you if these hours don’t fit your schedule.)

While remaining flexible to focus on specific topics as needed, a representative guide for subject matter to be covered each week is shown in the table below:

Week 1  Module 2 M W F 1800 – 2100   9 hours
Week 2 Modules 3-6 M W F 1800 – 2100   9 hours
Week 3 Modules 7-15 M W F 1800 – 2100   9 hours
Week 4 Modules 16 -18 M W F 1800 – 2100   9 hours
TOTAL HOURS 36 hours


These tutoring sessions will be offered over Zoom. Join from home wherever you are based!

Three hours per session, three evenings a week, over the course of four weeks.

Have you registered for your USCG Exam with us?

Soon we will have the capability to administer exams on behalf of the USCG using a digital exam proctoring software. Check back for more on this in the coming weeks! Presently, exams can be taken in person at our Middletown, RI facility.

Remote Exam:

Take the USCG Exam on your own time from the ease of your home using our remote monitoring proctoring service.

You must have a Mac or Windows computer with a camera and microphone.

Remote Exams COMING SOON

In Person Exam:

Take it with us in person during our monthly Saturday sessions.

Upcoming Dates:

February 12, 2022

March 12, 2022

April 9, 2022

May 14, 2022