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Exams and Exam Preparation

Once you are done with your course, register for your USCG Exam – which can be take at home or in person – and if you need extra help, optional Exam Prep sessions.

June 11, 2022

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How online courses and exams work

  1. Register by selecting the self-guided Online Course.
  2. Upon registering, you will receive course login directions and details via email.
  3. Order your course materials of Charts, Divider, Ruler, and Chapman's (list emailed upon checkout)
  4. Participate in the entire course.
  5. Register for your USCG Exam with us and if you need more preparation, sign up for one of our Exam Preparation sessions.
  6. Take and pass your exam with us using our digital proctoring software on your own device either from home or with us in person.
  7. Receive your Course Completion Certificate.
  8. Fill out your USCG application using our student application guide.
  9. Send your application and certificate to the Coast Guard.
  10. Get your Captain’s License!


For Captains. By Captains

Included in Membership:

  • Free Online Captain's Courses
  • Sea Time Tracker
  • Advocacy
  • Job Board
  • So much more!

Included in your Online Course

  • Premier course access
  • Support from our team of Confident Captain Instructors via discussion board
  • Option to register for Exam Prep in the lead up to your Exam
  • Course Completion Certificate

Which course is right for you?

If you want to charter your personal boat or do small charters that carry fewer than 6 passengers then the OUPV Six-pack license would be your course.

However, if you want to run any other vessel, including vessels that are inspected by the US Coast Guard to carry more than six passengers, cargo, or engage in other commercial trade, you need a Master’s license.

Benefits of Online Courses

  • Professional level training that fits your schedule
  • Easy-to-use learning platform with instructors who can assist you
  • Organized and palatable, module by module instruction designed for easy learning
  • Robust resource library