Press Release: New Online option for USCG Captain’s

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Innovative new United States based online course for boaters and mariners who want to earn their United States Coast Guard Captain’s license from the comfort of their home.

Launched in February, Confident Captain’s Coast  Guard-approved OUPV/six-pack license course takes the hassle out of the course, allowing students to study in a place and manner that is comfortable for them but without losing the safety net of a competent and skilled instructor.

“It’s not always easy for folks to find the time necessary to put in the classwork for their Captain’s  license,” Capt. Kent Dresser, Confident Captain’s  founder, said.

“We’re really excited about this. It opens up professional-level seamanship training to anyone, almost anywhere. All you need is a computer and the passion to take your seamanship to the next level.”

Confident Captain’s OUPV (Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels) course, also known as the ‘Six Pack’  course, allows graduates to operate uninspected vessels commercially with up to six passengers. It is the preferred credential by the majority of amateur boaters who seek a license, including the operators of small fishing charter boats. It is also the first step in a long list of licenses for those who are going to make their living on or about the water. In a structured, organized series of online classes and regular quizzes, students will learn Seamanship, the Rules of the Road, legal issues, navigation and other essentials.

The course runs for 56.5 hours and when the time comes to take the final examination, students do so under the guidance of Confident Captain’s staff of maritime professionals.

“I talk to a lot of people who want to take the course and get their license, but just don’t have the time or flexibility to get to weekly classes here,” Capt. Dresser said. “There’s a real need for flexibility and online  coursework is the key.” “By developing an innovative blended learning platform, our students still get to interact with our top instructors while learning from the comfort of their own home or office.” “Thanks to the blended learning platform the quality of the instruction is not compromised by the distance component.” “It is truly a win-win for our license candidates!”