What is a TWIC Card & Why Do I Need One?

An image of a man holding up his TWIC card with the caption "What is a TWIC card & why do I need one?"

I want to address a critical aspect of maritime licensing – the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card, particularly its significance for those pursuing the Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) and Master 25/50/100 GT licenses.

Captain’s License Requirements: Clearing the Fog

A foggy view of the ocean, with one seagull flying in the air above.

Embarking on the journey to get your captain’s license can feel like navigating through a sea of misinformation. From well-meaning advice from ‘licensed friends’ to ‘dockside expertise’, it’s easy to get lost and to get bad information.

Can I Get A Captain’s License Online?

Man using laptop to access the Confident Captain website.

Are you embarking on a maritime career or just looking to upgrade your nautical skills? Our US Coast Guard-approved online Captain’s courses for both the OUPV license and the Master license stand out in this digital era.

3 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Captain’s Course Online


Web-based learning is an excellent option for individuals who want to get a Captain’s license but simply don’t enjoy studying or have difficulty studying and staying on track. Here are three reasons why: #1. Learn At Your Own Pace One of the best attributes of online courses is that you get to learn at your own […]