Confident Captain Announces Collaboration with Proctor360 to Offer Automated Proctoring for Online Captain’s License Exam

Proctor360 and Confident Captain

Newport, RI – June 10, 2024 – Confident Captain, a leading provider of USCG-approved online captain’s license courses, is excited to announce a new collaboration with Proctor360 to offer fully automated proctoring for online Captain’s exams. Proctor360’s AI Proctor is now available for both the Master 25/50/100 GT courses as well as the OUPV six-pack license course. This collaboration aims to provide aspiring captains with a secure, comfortable, and convenient user experience.

With over 20 years of experience and now transitioning from a brick-and-mortar teaching facility to a fully online and asynchronous instructional model, Confident Captain continues to innovate in the field of maritime instruction. Introducing automated proctoring for exams through Proctor360 is a significant step in making Captain’s licensing more beneficial, convenient, and flexible for learners.

“Collaborating with Proctor360 allows us to offer our learners unparalleled convenience and flexibility,” said Capt. Kent Dresser, President/Founder at Confident Captain. “Our goal has always been to empower individuals with the skills and credentials they need to succeed on the water, and this collaboration helps us do just that in a way that fits seamlessly into their busy lives.”

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to make maritime instruction accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or schedule,” said Demetria Dresser, Marketing Associate at Confident Captain. “Integrating Proctor360’s technology with our courses ensures that our students receive the best possible learning and testing experience.”

Proctor360’s cutting-edge technology ensures a secure testing environment, giving students the confidence that their exams are both fair and reliable. The fully asynchronous format means that students can schedule and take their exams at a time and place that suits them best, eliminating the need for travel or rigid scheduling.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Confident Captain to bring our secure, flexible proctoring solutions to their students,” said Kranthi Bathula, Chief Technical Officer at Proctor360. “Our shared commitment to innovation and excellence in education makes this collaboration a perfect fit.”

How Automated Exam Proctoring Enhances Online Learning: 

Flexible Course Exams: Learners can take their exams anytime, anywhere, fitting their training into their busy schedules without the need for proctored sessions at specific times.

User-Friendly Experience: The exam process is straightforward, allowing students to focus on demonstrating their knowledge and skills without unnecessary stress.

Security: Proctor360’s advanced AI proctoring technology ensures the integrity of the exam, maintaining high standards of security and fairness.

Confident Captain is committed to providing top-tier maritime instruction, and this new exam option is another step in enhancing the learning experience for our students. We believe that the future of maritime training lies in flexible, accessible, and secure training solutions.

How can I schedule my captain’s license exam with AI proctoring? 

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About Confident Captain

Confident Captain is a premier provider of online USCG-approved captain’s license courses. Founded in Newport, Rhode Island, by Capt. Kent Dresser, Confident Captain has a long history of delivering high-quality maritime instruction developed and taught by experienced and savvy small-craft captains. Our mission is to empower mariners with the knowledge and credentials needed to excel on the water.

About Proctor360

Proctor360 is a leader in secure online proctoring solutions, offering advanced technology that ensures the integrity of remote exams. With a focus on convenience and security, Proctor360 provides a seamless testing experience for institutions and learners worldwide.

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