Dresser Marine LLC Welcomes a new Marketing Associate – and the First Dresser to Join its Team

Demetria Dresser

Newport, RI, June 12, 2024

Dresser Marine, the parent company of Confident Captain and the Professional Captain’s Association, is excited to introduce its first Dresser family member, Demetria, who is joining our team as a Marketing Associate. In this role, Demetria will be instrumental in developing marketing initiatives that are crucial for the growth of Dresser Marine and its wide range of services. Her work will not only drive the creation of innovative partnerships but also advance successful professional development programs. Moreover, she will play a key role in the company’s newest endeavors in storytelling, which aim to showcase the authenticity that underpins Dresser Marine’s initiatives. 

Demetria joins Dresser Marine with an impressive young marketing career. She is in her twenties and approaching her Senior Year at the University of Michigan, where she studies Business Administration at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business and Graphic Design at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design. Born and raised in Manhattan and New Cannan, CT – Demetria is currently living in Nashville for the summer. In the fall, she returns to Ann Arbor to complete her degrees. She will be continuing her digital marketing work with the William Davidson Institute while also interning at Big Machine Label Group and Leo 33 Music. With a jam-packed schedule this summer, Demetria is working towards an impressive career in the Music Business. She will be utilizing and further developing her marketing skills at Dresser Marine in the process. 

Capt. Kent Dresser, President and Founder of  Dresser Marine said: “As we continue to grow and adapt to the needs of professional mariners by launching new initiatives, Demetria’s talents and experience are valuable, and we look forward to lots of progress and productivity together.” I can’t emphasize enough how thrilled I am to work alongside Demetria and have a favorite family member as the first relative to enter the family business.