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Licensing Application Assistance

Take the red tape out of earning your captain’s license!

Earning your captain’s license can be a ticket to adventure, profit, and fun. But at Confident Captain/OceanPros (CCOP), we know the path to professional boating is paved with paperwork — lots of it.

Don’t want to deal with it? Unsure how to deal with it?

Confident Captain is here to help! Based on our students resounding “HELP”, Confident Captain is excited to offer our License Application Assistance. CCOP will complete all the required paperwork for students who have enrolled in or completed one of our captain’s courses in the past year. Leaving the complex, voluminous, and often technical paperwork to us cuts down on the anxiety of our students and greatly increases the likelihood that your USCG application will be accepted the first time.

Completing your USCG packet is time-consuming and once submitted, can take months for approval. If even one item is incorrect, the entire application has to be resubmitted, causing extra expenses and extra time that could mean the difference between starting the job of your dreams, or losing out to someone that already has their license.

How it Works

Confident Captain offers two tiers of application review/completion services:

Tier I: Full service ($450)

  • This includes two private one-on-one appointments with our License Administrator who will assist you in the completion and submission of your USCG application, plus we will assist you in monitoring your application status with the USCG to make sure they have received it and it is being processed in a timely manner.
  • During your first meeting, we will review the entire packet and timeline, completing as much of the application that we can based on the information that you have readily available and will assist in completing online registration and appointments for TWIC card if necessary.
  • In addition, we will supply you with a packet of all the necessary forms and documents (i.e. drug test and physical forms, and sea logs) that you will need completed prior to our second meeting. We will review each, offering detailed guidelines to help you ensure that they are completed accurately.
  • This first meeting usually lasts from 45 minutes to one hour.
  • When ALL of the paperwork that you were given at the first meeting is complete, call to set up your second appointment to finish the application process and submit it to the USCG. During this meeting, we will review your completed packet with our License Administrator.
  • As a double check, your application will be reviewed by one of CCOP’s licensed captains. This second set of professional eyes is valuable to ensure that your packet is as complete and accurate as possible, enhancing your confidence that your application will be approved the first time! At which time, we will make a copy of the full application for you and one backup copy for us.
  • Options for delivering to the USCG:
    • 1) If you chose, you can take the packet in person to the USCG location in Boston, MA.
    • 2) To email the packet, you would do so from your personal computer. We can scan the documents in the appropriate format, which is critical, as most application packet files are larger than the USCG can accept which can lead to complications.
    • 3) You can Fed Ex or mail the application.
  • Once your packet has been submitted, we will work with you to monitor the status. This meeting usually takes between 30 – 45 minutes.

Tier II: Review ($99)

Confident Captain / Ocean Pros’ experienced eyes will review your application:

  • First, you complete your application in its entirety
  • Next, CCOP reviews for completeness, mistakes and/or omissions during a 30-minute private appointment.
  • If we identify any red flags, we will discuss them with you and offer guidance on how YOU can correct them prior to you submitting them to the USCG.
  • Remember, our goal here at Confident Captain/ Ocean Pro’s is to get you out on the water safely and legally, by assisting you in completing the federally-mandated requirements.

Learn more: Want to learn more about how these two services can help you? Reach out to Confident Captain today with any questions.

USCG Licensing Administrator: captain@confidentcaptain.com