How to Navigate the Captain’s License Medical Maze
The National Maritime Center (NMC) tells us that a total of 7,882 MMC applications in 2021 were delayed due to deficiencies in the medical certificate. We share here the top medical reasons that MMC certificates are delayed. 
Top Five Reasons for Delays in Receiving Mariner Credentials
About half of the roughly 50,000 annual requests from mariners for Captains credentials are delayed at the National Maritime Center due to incomplete applications. How can you avoid the five most common reasons for delays?
What is “STCW” and What Does it Have to Do with My Captain’s License?
Newly credentialed Captains and seafarers may wonder what STCW training is all about and if it is necessary for their career, or their next job.
Free Live Seminar: How to Get your Captain’s License during COVID
Every day we get questions about the USCG Licensing process and how online learning works. So we are taking some time to listen and answer your questions face-to-face virtual in a live seminar.
Confident Captain Embarks into New Waters With Physical and Virtual Expansion
A new Professional Captains Association and Virtual Captain’s Courses give Captain’s the hand they need
Five Reasons Why ALL Sailing Coaches and Professional Sailors Should get a Captain’s License
By Capt. Peter Alarie – Pro Sailor and Senior Instructor at Confident Captain As a professional sailor, coach and instructor of captain’s courses, I work with sailors of all levels of experience. I have come to notice that many of them have no professional certifications from recognized organizations like the US Coast Guard or Royal […]
The Truth About Surviving Your Captain’s License Course and Exam: Three Tips
Many boaters and mariners want to earn a Captain’s license. Some do it for the knowledge, some do it for the money, and some do it purely for the love of boating. Wherever you fall, here are three tips to help you be successful in your pursuit: #1: Pick the right platform Our Captain’s six-pack […]
New Data from USCG on Boating Accidents
A new study by the US Coast Gaurd states that an injury due a boating accident occurs every 2.5 hours. So many of these accidents can be prevented if a high regard for boating safety and awareness is adhered to while onboard. Experience does not always equate to safety. Education is a key factor in helping […]
Press Release: New Online option for USCG Captain’s
Innovative new United States based online course for boaters and mariners who want to earn their United States Coast Guard Captain’s license from the comfort of their home. Launched in February, Confident Captain’s Coast  Guard-approved OUPV/six-pack license course takes the hassle out of the course, allowing students to study in a place and manner that […]
Blended Learning Approach to a Captain’s License
Learning has taken so many forms since the birth of technology with its integration into so many aspects of our life. In the 19th century, a chalkboard was cutting edge technology, then radio and TV transformed how students absorbed information. Now with the internet and mobile devices, education can occur anywhere and anytime. The Marine […]