Online Courses

  • Confident Captain/Ocean Pros offers online courses so you can learn on your own time.

How Online Courses Work

  1. Book your course and pick your examination date and location
  2. Order your course materials online via Amazon or local Marine retailer
  3. Start digging into the module by module instruction
  4. Sign up for virtual office hours if you need them
  5. Come to a live prep day before your examination (additional tutoring and exam prep days available for extra cost).
  6. Take your exam!!

What Course is Right for Me?

  • If your goal is to run an American Flagged vessel you need a USCG Captain’s license.
  • If your goal is to run a British or “Red Ensign” (Cayman Island, BVI, etc) flagged vessel you will need a Yachtmaster Certification.
  • If your goal is to be employed in ANY capacity on a yacht or vessel greater than 100 tons operating foreign, you must have STCW-10 Basic Safety Training.

Included in your Online Course

  • Premier course access
  • A Designated Confident Captain Method Instructor
  • A Full day of in-person prep with an instructor
  • All exams
  • Course Completion Certificate

Benefits of Online Courses

  • Professional level training that fits your schedule.
  • Easy to use learning platform with actual instructors to assist you.
  • Organized and palatable, module by module instruction, for easy learning
  • Robust resource library


Need help deciding on the right course?

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Captain's Licenses

Need some extra help with plotting or learning the rules of the road?

The course offers the chance to email, call, or video chat with instructors but if you would like to join us in the classroom before your exam for additional days, you are welcome to join for an additional fee.