Online Captain’s Exam

Sit for your USCG Exam online, from the comfort and ease of your own home.

Individually Scheduled

$ 95

Confident Captain is excited to announce a new collaboration with Proctor360 to offer fully automated proctoring for both the Master 25/50/100 GT courses as well as the OUPV six-pack license course.

Proctor360’s AI Proctor will provide aspiring captains with a secure, comfortable, and convenient user experience.

The cutting-edge technology ensures a secure testing environment, giving students the confidence that their exams are both fair and reliable. The fully asynchronous format means that students can schedule and take their exams at a time and place that suits them best, eliminating the need for travel or rigid scheduling.


How the Exam process works:

  • Schedule an online, completely remote exam which will be proctored by Proctor360’s AI Proctor
  • You can schedule your online exam whenever you want to, but please keep in mind that:
    • There will be four modules in total in one sitting.
    • You are allowed 2 hours for each module.
    • You must complete all four modules within the 8-hour period.

Before your Exam:

You must have completed your Confident Captain Online Course BEFORE you sit for your exam. Confident Captain will check to make sure your Course completion is 100%, and you will not be given a scheduled exam time until all Modules are complete.


Your home with your own device.