USCG Online Exam

Sit for your USCG Exam In-Person from the comfort and ease of your own home using our Remote Exam Proctoring Service.


$ 95

Once you have completed your Online Course, take your USCG Master or OUPV Exam using our online proctoring service on your own computer.

How the Exam process works:

  • Schedule an online, completely remote exam which will be proctored by one of our staff.

Before your Exam:

You must have completed your Confident Captain Online Course BEFORE you sit for your exam. Confident Captain will check to make sure your Course completion is 100%, and you will not be given a scheduled exam time until all Modules are complete.


Your home with your own device.

Do you need some more Exam Preparation?

If you need some extra practice before the exam, join one of our Captain Trainers for to learn some best practices, common mistakes, and get your questions answered. This is a chance to sharpen the skills so you are ready for either your Master 25/50/100 Exam or OUPV (6-Pack). Whether you choose to take your exam remotely at your convenience or with us in person, this Monday-Thursday class is offered in the lead-up to the Saturday, December 11th, In-Person Exam for those wishing to take it then.

Upcoming Dates:

Anytime$40/hour as needed