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The ocean is powerful and dangerous terrain. Your safety at work is never guaranteed, but your chances of getting home safe increase exponentially with the right training. Being well prepared for any situation can be the difference between a safe voyage or a deadly one. Our team of expert instructors will help you be well prepared and certified for any hazards that your career may present. Join us for a 5-day STCW Basic Safety Training course or the 3-day refresher and put the odds in your favor when it comes to onboard safety!

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December 5-9, 2022

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December 5, 2022

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Which Course is Right for You

STCW-10 Basic Safety Training

Great for first-timers working on a vessel requiring STCW-10 or individuals who just want to learn the basic safety required for working on commercial boats or private yachts.The STCW-10 is available to take one component at a time, by signing up for those portions of the course individually.


For those who already have STCW-95 and just need to renew their certification.

How Does it Work?

  1. Register online for our STCW-10 Basic Safety Training courses or our STCW-10 Refresher Course.
  2. Within a few hours of registering you will receive detailed correspondence from us regarding times, logistics, directions for renting fire gear, and more.
  3. Attend all components of the training and pass each practical or written examination as necessary.
  4. Graduate with your STCW Basic Safety Training certificates.
  5. If you hold a valid US Merchant Mariner Document or you are applying for one, you should submit your Confident Captain STCW certificates to the USCG for an STCW endorsement. If you do not hold a US Merchant Mariner Credential, simply keep your Confident Captain certificates as evidence of having completed the training.

Course Requirements

  • Candidates for this course should know how to swim and be able to function while walking or crawling and carrying about 40 pounds of gear and equipment.
  • Our STCW courses are approved by the USCG and taught in accordance with the STCW-10 Code. Each course provides a variety of practical and theoretical lessons fundamental to onboard safety.

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