Can I Get A Captain’s License Online?

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Can I Get A Captain’s License Online?

The Digital Captain’s License Journey: From Clicks To Captain

Are you embarking on a maritime career or just looking to upgrade your nautical skills? Obtaining a captain’s license is a pivotal step. With the advent of online learning, this journey has become more accessible and tailored to individual needs. Our US Coast Guard-approved online Captain’s courses for both the OUPV (six-pack) license and the Master up to 100GT license stand out in this digital era.

Overview of the Courses

Our Master 100 GT License course is the epitome of comprehensive and clear instruction. It enables you to command vessels up to 100 tons, including a range of boats like high-speed ferries, whale-watching boats, and charter boats.

Equally lucid and effective is our OUPV (six-pack) course, tailored for those who wish to charter their own boat without operating inspected vessels or carrying more than six passengers. This course is notably suitable for individuals who are not yet 19 years old or are not US citizens, both of which are prerequisites for the Master’s license from the USCG.

Why Choose an Online Course?

Our courses are not just about convenience; they’re about effective learning. We understand the concerns about online education: the absence of face-to-face interaction with a seasoned Captain to keep you on point might seem daunting. However, our 20 years of experience in classroom teaching have been meticulously adapted to the online format. We utilize email, Zoom, phone, and text to support our learners, ensuring they pass their exams with more focus and fewer distractions. Unlike traditional classrooms, where you hear a lecture once, our online platform allows you to review the lessons by seasoned professional boat captains as many times as needed, ensuring a deeper understanding.

Ease of Use

Concerned about navigating online learning due to limited computer skills? Worry not! Our course interface is designed to be simple, straightforward, and user-friendly. Regardless of your tech proficiency, you’ll find the process smooth and easy to follow.

Unique Approach to Examinations

When it comes to exams, we’ve taken a distinctive approach. The exams are US Coast Guard-approved, but they are uniquely crafted by us at Confident Captain. Unlike the often tricky and ambiguous USCG questions, our exams are straightforward and clear, focusing solely on ensuring you have the necessary knowledge without any unnecessary complexity.

How the Online Course Works

From registration to receiving your Course Completion Certificate, each step is streamlined and efficient. The entire process, including exam registration and completion, is conducted on our intuitive online platform.

Course Prerequisites and Sea-time Requirements

There is no particular prerequisite for our online courses, however, it is sensible to ensure that you qualify for the license that you are seeking before you register for the course. The required sea time varies depending on the license type. You can find more information about the sea-time requirements specifically here.

Completing the Course and Getting Licensed

After passing the exam, you’ll receive our course completion certificate and you can proceed with the USCG application process. Our student application guide is there to assist you every step of the way.

Our online courses at Confident Captain offer a unique blend of convenience, clarity, and comprehensive learning. The transition from traditional to digital has never been smoother, ensuring you’re not just prepared, but confident in your journey to becoming a licensed captain.

Join us for an enriching and supportive path to your Captain’s License. Contact us or visit to enroll today!