Blended Learning Approach to a Captain’s License

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Learning has taken so many forms since the birth of technology with its integration into so many aspects of our life. In the 19th century, a chalkboard was cutting edge technology, then radio and TV transformed how students absorbed information. Now with the internet and mobile devices, education can occur anywhere and anytime. The Marine […]

New Data from USCG on Boating Accidents


A new study by the US Coast Gaurd states that an injury due a boating accident occurs every 2.5 hours. So many of these accidents can be prevented if a high regard for boating safety and awareness is adhered to while onboard. Experience does not always equate to safety. Education is a key factor in helping […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Captain’s Course Online


Web-based learning is an excellent option for individuals who want to get a Captain’s license but simply don’t enjoy studying or have difficulty studying and staying on track. Here are three reasons why: #1. Learn At Your Own Pace One of the best attributes of online courses is that you get to learn at your own […]

Press Release: New Online option for USCG Captain’s

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Innovative new United States based online course for boaters and mariners who want to earn their United States Coast Guard Captain’s license from the comfort of their home. Launched in February, Confident Captain’s Coast  Guard-approved OUPV/six-pack license course takes the hassle out of the course, allowing students to study in a place and manner that […]